What a year!! Well, what can I say but.....YEAH BABY!! We did it, we won the championship!

This year saw a surge in the number of competitors for all the index classes, a fantastic turnout in each race, exceptional weather all year, and another wonderful season of racing run by the OSCA.

A huge thanks goes out to the following folks;

  • The two Mikes of the OSCA and their exceptional staff, from the guy's running the lanes to the lovely ladies manning their tent - you guys all deserve kudos for the amount of time and effort you all put into something for the rest of us to enjoy!!
  • Greg Bragg & Frank Clark, the two guy's that helped me all year. They kept me grounded and focused on the task at hand.
  • Tony Xynos, fellow racer and good freind.
  • The biggest thank you goes to my wife Sabrina who puts up with my rants and raves about the car and knows how much this stuff means to me..Thanks hon, for your support and understanding...

    Looks like we'll be defending our title next year!......I sure can't wait!!

    Here are the results from each race;

    Date: Track: Final Qualifying
    September 20th 2003
    OSCA Championship Finals - Final rounds
    Toronto Motorsports Park Qualifying set from last weekend Lost second round to last years champ, Gary Quill
    Hit the brakes too early....
    Won the championship because closest competitors lost second round as well!
    September 13th & 14th 2003
    OSCA Championship Finals
    Toronto Motorsports Park 2nd out of 15 cars
    (12.013 @ 105.46)
    Completed qualifying, Eliminations postponed due to rain
    Make up date - September 20
    August 9th & 10th 2003
    OSCA Hot August Shootout
    Toronto Motorsports Park 1st out of 14 cars
    (12.024 @ 107.21)
    Event runner up, final round red light
    July 19th & 20th 2003
    OSCA Mid Summer Shootout
    Toronto Motorsports Park 2nd out of 15 cars
    (12.013 @ 109.99)
    Event Winner Race
    July 13th, 14th & 15th 2003
    Canadian Fastest Street Car Shootout
    Grand Bend Motorplex 5th out of 16 cars
    (12.157 @ 110.75)
    Second round loss Race
    June 14th & 15th 2003
    OSCA Season Opener
    Toronto Motorsports Park. 9th out of 12 cars
    (12.177 @ 103.02)
    First round loss - mental error, let up way to early and couldn't recover. Race