It seemed that we couldn't finish a single race all season, but when all was said and done, we finished in 6th place overall. Not bad for missing one race completely! I had a blast all year, met some great folks and look forward to seeing them and their machines next year!! A big thanks goes out to the following folks who assisted me this year;
  • Greg Bragg
  • Frank Clark
  • Dave Tucker
  • Tony Xynos (Tony is a fellow OSCA racer and runs in the EZ street class)

    Here are the results from each race;

    Race Results:
    Date: Track: Final Qualifying
    October 19 & 20 2002
    make up date for
    July 27 & 28 race again! as well as OSCA Event #4
    Toronto Motorsports Park. N/A Event Winner! (for July race)

    OSCA event #4 was cancelled as there was not enough time to complete both events in a single weekend.
    September 28th 2002
    make up date for
    July 27 & 28 race
    Toronto Motorsports Park. N/A Won first round, then rest of race was postponed until October 19th due to track conditions. Race
    September 22nd 2002
    Eliminations from Sept 14th & 15th Race
    Toronto Motorsports Park. N/A First round loss - broke out with an 11.94 @ 106.36 mph. Race
    September 14th & 15th 2002
    OSCA Event #1 make up date
    Toronto Motorsports Park. 5th Eliminations Postponed Until September 22nd. Race
    August 24th & 25th 2002
    OSCA Event #3
    Toronto Motorsports Park. Couldn't make this race due to prior family commitments.
    July 27th & 28th 2002
    OSCA Event #2
    Toronto Motorsports Park. 6th out of 13 cars Eliminations Postponed Until September 28th. Race
    June 14th & 15th 2002
    OSCA season opener
    Toronto Motorsports Park First race of 2002 for the OSCA had to be cancelled due to the fact that the host track, Toronto Motorsports Park was not ready in time.

    OSCA organizers announced the make up date for this race as September 14 & 15, 2002.